“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” ~ Pablo Picasso

Are you enjoying your job, your business?

Are you trying to figure out what you’ll do in retirement?

Are you spending at least most of your time doing things you enjoy in your work?

Are you dreading going to work…dreading facing your business…disconnected from anything that is meaningful to you in your work?

Once you discover what your Sacred Gifts are you will know how to choose what really makes you feel happy and fulfilled, which means you will:

~ Have clarity about what you really want
~ Know which direction to take in your life
~ Release judgment about yourself and others so you can have more fulfilling relationships
~ Feel a sense of peace when you use your gifts every day
~ Understand yourself, your co-workers and business partners better
~ Stop feeling guilty about NOT doing things that make you unhappy
~ Know you can make money doing what makes you feel fulfilled



“I learned there was a formula that I needed to apply when it came to my work. I needed to be using my gifts to feel energized, effective, on purpose and alive AND I needed to be using my gifts in a way that was meaningful to me. I also realized that I needed to stop trying to find my purpose and instead start to do the things that would make me feel on purpose right now in the work that I was doing.”

~ Monique Ledet MacDonald – Founder – ‘Discover Your Sacred Gifts’